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Advances in technology and the post-Corona epidemic have changed the way we communicate and trade. No need for long and tedious trips anymore. Even physical presence in the office does not seem so important.

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Iran is an ancient country located in the Middle East with a pure and historical culture. It is the junction of Asia and Europe and the continent of Africa.


China is a large country with hardworking people that in 40 years can be the first supplier and the second largest economy in the world.

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Our discussion groups allow people to talk to each other and share their ideas to find better partners to achieve their goals.

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China-Iran Gate Platform is a multifaceted platform that seeks to bring together separate yet interconnected groups of suppliers and consumers in both Iran and China. A network of manufacturers in various industries and consumers of their goods.

The importance of the "Iran-China Gate Platform" is in the way it interacts, which means that it tries to put the various components of the puzzle in the right place. This platform is not actually a specific product and does not have a specific legal personality. It is like the Internet, which is a platform for the formation and communication of other similar platforms and has no definite boundaries. It is a galaxy that includes several systems, each of which is in itself a communication platform and another multifaceted.

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CICPD is part of the CIG platform, which works on investing in developing industries and expanding their markets between Iran and China.


CIG EXPO is part of the CIG platform that works in the field of information and attending exhibitions in China and Iran.


CIG ONSHOP is part of the CIG platform that works on the capillary distribution system.